Vermicomposting and Urban Gardening Project

Bancroft Elementary School

Mt. Pleasant, Washington DC


Lesson Plan for DC Metro Science for the People ( project with Bancroft Elementary School.


Contact People:         John Tharakan (

                                    Raghu Raghavan (



Week 1:


Introduction to Resource Use and Management

What is vermicomposting, composting and recycling.

Development of Science Project Plan with Science class students


Week 2:


Classroom trainings with kids and teachers on Vermicomposting and Recycling

Workshop on Waste and Vermicomposting for waste treatment

Analysis of school’s food system

Where does the waste go?

Waste Separation into organic, recyclable and solid waste


Week 3:


Purchase of Wormbins and supplies

Begin cafeteria waste vermicomposting project

Seeding (Worming) and Initiation of Vermicompost Bins


Week 4 - End:


On-going Monitoring and Maintenance