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Drug Test Abuse  
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A series of reports, documents and proposals on the ongoing abuse of chemistry in the service of the "war on drugs"

Collected and/or written by John Kelly of DC Metro SftP

      State of New York shuts down drug lab.
The New York State Attorney General concluded in November 2011 a major investigation into work being done in the Nassau County forensic evidence lab, which it had shut down in February 2011 due to "grave concerns about the integrity of testing being performed" there. The
complete report can be viewed and downloaded. Here is part of the summary:

"On February 18, 2011, the Nassau County Police Department Forensic EvidenceBureau (FEB), a forensic laboratory, was closed due to grave concerns about the integrityof testing being performed at the lab. This closure followed a series of public reportsabout problems at the laboratory, including the fact that the American Society of CrimeLaboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) had placed the labon probation on December 3, 2010, on the heels of a scathing inspection report. This wasthe FEB’s second ASCLD/LAB probation in four years – a dubious distinction making itthe only forensic laboratory in the state to have been subject to such a sanction once, letalone twice.Weeks before the FEB’s closure, information surfaced that the lab had engaged inflawed analyses in testing for MDMA, the illegal substance commonly known as“Ecstasy,” and that this information affected criminal cases prosecuted by the NassauCounty District Attorney’s Office. Questions immediately arose as to the extent of theproblems at the lab and whether these problems impacted the integrity of other lab results."
Posted March 24, 2012


Marijuana Arrest Crusade - Racial bias and police policy in New York City, 1997-2007 by Harry G. Levine and Deborah Small. An amazing documentation by the New York Civil Liberties Union of the story behind the sudden 10-fold rise in marijuana arrests in New York City over the decade 1997-2007. (File may take some time to load)
  Posted Dec 13, 2010

Informal grant proposal in the form of a letter to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers by John Kelly. The proposal made under the auspices of DC Metro Science for the People seeks support to produce a practice manual that "would provide the wherewithal for the effective, proactive defense of marijuana charges" based on scienticially flawed and misleading test, currently in widespread use.
  Posted Dec 13, 2010

Formal grant proposal (draft) by SftP to produce the above practice manual
  Posted Dec 13, 2010

Text of the Melendez-Diaz vs Massachusetts Supreme Court Decision of 2009, which held that it was a violation of the Sixth Amendmant right of confrontation for a prosecutor to submit a chemical drug test report without the testimony of the scientist. This is an important precedent in the struggle to restore the rights of thousands of wrongly-imprisoned people
  Posted Dec 13, 2010

Dandelion High - A screenplay for a film about the struggle of a scientist whose work on drug testing is being abused to send hundreds to prison.
  Posted Dec 26, 2010